Retrofitting of Safety Systems on Existing Equipment

Mechanical Modification

The retrofitting, improvement and modification of mechanical components of machines or equipment, as well as tooling, to bring them into line with the new Guidelines for Machinery 2006/42/EC.

Detailed view of system with scanner. Bodmer Küsnacht AG

Drive Shafts

The retrofitting, improvement and modification of drives with regard to their speed of feed and precision.

Drive Components

The retrofitting and modification of drives as well as the control, regulation and the sensor systems for the acquisition of data regarding their movement.

Modification of Control Sys-tems

The retrofitting, improvement and modification of control systems components (wherever possible by obtaining the necessary components) in harmonisa-tion with the new Guidelines for Machinery 2006/42/EC.

View of control adjustments - Bodmer Küsnacht AG

Inclusion of Adjustments

The retrofitting, improvement and modification of tooling, appliances and accommodation of work pieces.

Provision of Safety Coverage

The analysis and definition of the necessary degree of protection against risks to comply with the standard and the provision of safety fencing and light curtains

Expert Technical Conversion and Installation

Everything from one source - from the project itself to its implementation

Safety Systems in accordance with the Requirements of

The Machinery Guidelines 2006/42/EC

For presses, stamping machines, special equipment and machines

Many existing metal forming machines, such as presses, stamping machines, sheet metal benders, special plant and equipment, no longer comply with the current safety requirements of the supervisory bodies. However, the majority of these machines are still capable of continuing to be used and kept cost effectively in operation for many years to come.

The experts at Bodmer Küsnacht have many years of international experience in the equipping and retrofitting of existing production equipment in the field of metal forming in accordance with the current safety requirements, and particularly as regards the new

Machinery Guidelines 2006/42/EC.

Retrofitting will allow you, in these times when money for investment is tight, to continue to use existing plant and equipment economically, costefficiently and sensibly for several more years, so that the production of the components to be manufactured can be carried out at the best possible cost.

We would like to let you know that we are there to help you by carrying out an analysis of the situation and drawing up a quotation for you for the retrofitting of your production equipment at the best possible price.